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Terrific Thursday!

We started this windy Thursday by building our paper bridges! We thought Peyton & Emersyn were going to be the top engineers because their bridge could hold 270 pennies! But then, Ava, Miller, and Eli broke the record in the afternoon - their bridge was holding 350 pennies, and we had to stop short because we ran out of time! We will let you test one more design tomorrow during science time. We were VERY impressed with the way your groups worked together and solved problems.

In math, we worked on comparing fractions. We know that if a fraction has more pieces, the pieces will be smaller. We also used our fraction strips and drew fraction circles to help us compare. Many of you have wrapped up your math menus for this week. They were pretty simple, so it was good to ease our way back into it before we start next week!

We listened to Chapter 6 about sound. Tell us one thing you learned about how light and sound are different in the comments below! Then, we learned the difference between the 4 different types of sentences: question, statement, command, and exclamation.

Don't forget about your Friday packets! We will see you tomorrow for our last hybrid day before our WHOLE CLASS RETURNS! YAY!

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