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Teamwork Day!

Hey 3rd grade! We rounded off our first week of school by having a day filled with teamwork activities! After reading Jimbo the Clown and discussing our classroom library rules, we discussed how to successfully work together as a team. What is one thing that will help you be a team player?

Our first activity was a Cup Stacking Teamwork Challenge. You had to work together with your group to create a pyramid with 6 solo cups. BUT to make it challenging, you were not allowed to touch the cups with your hands! Instead you had to use rubber bands and string. We had many successful groups.

We continued on with our Teamwork Day with another challenge in which you had to "Save Fred." Together with your team you retrieved the life jacket from under Fred's capsized boat and placed it firmly around Fred's body.

Our last team building activity of the day was a challenge to construct the tallest Marshmallow and Spaghetti Noodle Tower. Congrats to Keaton, Steehlen and Savannah for winning this challenge!

Before our afternoon was finished, we had a math rotation practice. You completed a computer rotation, played addition war with your teacher, and played Tenzi during a rotation. Remember, when you hear the doorbell, that means the rotation is over and you need to clean up your area and go back to your seat to wait for the next rotation.

After a quick recess, it was already time to go home! Have a great weekend 3rd graders! We will see you next week!

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