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Team Day

Hello 3rd graders! We began our morning by greeting a classmate that was wearing the same team gear, playing “sporting event” categories, and sharing what food we disliked.

After we finished up our morning meeting, we took time to review light and sound by playing Kahoot! Next, we took the Unit 5 test. Then, we previewed our next reading unit “The Viking Age.” You took some time to look through the Little Reader and then made a prediction about who your favorite character will be. We will begin reading the book tomorrow!

After lunch, Mikkel from 4th grade was here with a fun game for you all to play called Game 4th. You were split into three groups and battled against each other to win the most points.

During our math rotations, you completed a robot menu activity, had another lesson about fractions on the number line, and spent technology time on Reflex.

At the end of the day, we celebrated Holden's birthday with delicious cupcakes and a birthday song. Happy birthday Holden!

It was another terrific Tuesday! See you all tomorrow, for Windy Wednesday! (wear a hat or crazy hair)

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