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Tampa Tuesday

Happy Groundhog Day 3rd graders! It sure didn't feel like Tampa, Florida in our classroom and unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of Winter. However, his prediction didn't stop us from going outside for a morning recess!

During our morning meeting, we discussed a new fundraiser for our class - selling roses for Valentine's Day! Starting next week, we will sell wooden roses after school. The cost will be 1 rose for $1 or a bundle of 6 roses for $5. The money we earn will be used towards fun activities and project for our classroom! Later this week, we will discuss advertising and announcements for the fundraiser.

In today's rotations, you met with Mrs. Day to discuss and cause and effect. The cause is why something happened and the effect is what happened. The cause always happens first, even if it isn't mentioned first. For example, the sun was hot (cause) so your ice cream melted (effect). After your discussion, you acted out cause and effects with your group and then added two different cause and effect examples to your character paragraphs. With Miss Gurley you read Chapter 6, "Balder the Beautiful," and with Mrs. Meridith you continued working with equivalent fractions using models. For an extra dollar, comment below two fractions that are equivalent to 1/2.

After lunch you met with Miss Erica to finish building your pendulums. If you did not finish in class, you can take your supplies home to complete it there! For specials you had music and library. During library, you worked on your Viking Notebooks. We will go on our last Viking quest and finish filling out your Viking Notebooks tomorrow!

Once all of our rotations were finished for the day, we were finally able to get outside to enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes before it was time to go home!

Have a great evening, see you all tomorrow!

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