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Talent Show!

It turned out to be a wonderful day for the Talent Show at Memorial! We were worried the rain would put us inside, but the sun came out on our superstar performers!

Before the Talent Show, we had to take care of business! Several students were at Talent Show rehearsal, so the rest of us watched our classmates present their passion projects. Then, we started to clean out our classroom. Everything has to be moved from our room so they can rip up the carpet, and we needed lots of help with that project! When everyone got back from rehearsal, Miss Gurley took you out to a nice, long recess. We had our own talent show practice and the CLASS AUCTION! Ava scored some pretty sweet items because she worked on saving her money all year long. Anyone who had at least $1 in their checkbook left with something.

In the afternoon, we walked to Memorial Auditorium and watched a fantastic talent show. We were so proud of all the 3rd Graders who performed in an individual act, and we were EXTRA proud of our 3rd Grade act! Here's the video.

Any of you lucky ducks who stayed with us til the end of the day got to go to Pizza Hut with 2nd Grade. Mrs. Jenkins treated us to some ice water and slices of pizzas as a snack. It was a pretty fantastic day.

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