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Tailgate Thursday

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Hey 3rd graders! Today was another busy fun-filled day in our classroom. We began our day with a quick morning meeting and we played another few rounds of "the sort." Mrs. Day got to play today and she stumped some of you when she sorted a group of your classmates by their last names! For whole group reading we continued filling out our Fiction Chart with the characters, plot and setting from Chapter 6, "The Death of Balder." Some of you made predictions about what you think will happen in the last chapter, "Loki's Punishment."

Next, we started our rotations. In Mrs. Day's group you finished typing your favorite character paragraphs and added a drawing of your character, your teachers are very impressed with your final products! For math with Mrs. Meridith you compared fractions with the same numerator by using >, <, or = symbols. You read Chapter 8, "Loki's Punishment" with Miss Gurley. Did anyone guess correctly about Loki's punishment?

During story time you all got to make your very own dream jars! To do this we used shaving cream and food coloring to create a "marbled" look. They all turned out so cool! We will display these in the hall so the whole school can admire them. Once your dream jars were complete, you got to enjoy a cup or two of frobscottle while we watched the BFG. We will continue watching the movie tomorrow!

After lunch and recess you all got to play a Blooket game to review for your math test tomorrow. It was a battle royale showdown and Davy was the victor!

When you were finished with specials we continued on with our rotations. We were able to finish early and play another Blooket to review for your reading test too! For this game we played in "Factory" mode instead of Battle Royal. You worked together as a class to earn money for correct answers. Even though you had to work through some glitches, together as a class you earned over $300,000! Once we finished the Blooket review, it was time to pack up and go home!

Don't forget to practice for your spelling and times tests tomorrow as well! Have a great night :)

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