• Cecily Day

Subtraction + Paragraphs + Conferences = Tuesday!

We had a super Tuesday in our 3rd Grade classroom. We will keep this short and sweet because we are spending this evening meeting with some of your families for Conferences! Here's a short list of what we accomplished today:

-Subtraction review problems with Mrs. Meridith

-Wrapping up astronomy projects

-Exploring our classroom website all about astronomy

-Writing an informational paragraph about a day on the ISS with Mrs. Day

-Reflex on the computers

-Reading all about the International Space Station in your Little Readers

-Sight word spelling practice

-Exploration Place lesson with Miss Erica all about making magnetic tools

-Practiced for our Reading State Assessment

Wow! What a full day! And, we can't forget that some of you got a chance to shop at the Book Fair, you had rotations in Music with Mrs. Thompson, and a coloring contest in Library! Oh yeah, and some awesome Math Prime Time groups! And you know the best part? TOMORROW IS SPACE DAY! AND THEN IT IS SPRING BREAK!

We hope you have a super evening. We will see you all tomorrow.

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