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Student of the Month Assembly, Rockets, & Color Run Prizes

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Welcome to our wacky, busy Wednesday! First thing this morning we went to the All-Purpose Room for our Student of the Month Assembly. Congratulations to Gavin and Lane for being recognized for showing loyalty.

When we got back to the classroom, we had a quick morning meeting and then began our reading rotations. You coded your new spelling words and did scribble spelling with Miss Gurley, had a grammar review with Mrs. Miller, and read chapter 3 in your little readers with Mrs. Meridith.

We ended our reading lessons with a read-aloud about the founding of Jamestown. Jamestown became England’s first permanent settlement in America. For a bonus ticket, leave a comment telling us one problem these settlers faced during this time.

Before the morning was over, Miss Erica was here for your last Exploration Place science lesson of the year! You all created your very own rockets and launched them outside! It was awesome!

After recess and lunch, you played “Odd One Out.” You had to look at a group of three fruits and vegetables and decide which two were related. You did this by comparing their leaves, flowers, and insides.

During math you completed a menu activity or practiced for your times test. You also worked on Dreambox lessons. Tomorrow we will review for your Module 7 math test over area and perimeter!

We ended the day with a Color Run prize assembly. We raised enough money to earn a donut party! Woo hoo!!!

See you guys tomorrow for another fun day!

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