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Student of the Month Assembly, Loki's Punishment, & Comparing Fractions with the Same Numerator

Hello 3rd graders! We began our Wednesday morning with a character trait assembly. January’s trait was integrity. Congratulations to Emily and Myles for being awarded the students of the month!

In today’s reading rotations, you continued working on your character paragraphs in Mrs. Day’s writing group. Some of you even finished and added an illustration of your character. They are looking great! You also read “Loki’s Punishment” in your little readers with Mrs. Meridith and practiced your spelling pattern.

Next, you finished up your pendulums during an Exploration Place science lesson. You added more weight to your string and this caused more air resistance.

After lunch and recess, we took time to fill out some more big questions and Viking vocabulary. We will go on our last Viking Quest tomorrow!

During your math lesson, we compared fractions with the same numerator. Which fraction is larger, 3 eighths or 3 fourths? Why is it larger?

At the end of the day, you were able to draw 3 bingo numbers for winning in students versus teachers for the day. You are getting so close to a BINGO!

Have a great night, see ya tomorrow!

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