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Student of the Month Assembly, Bridge Testing, & Perimeter

Happy Wacky Wednesday 3rd graders! Right after announcements we headed to the All-Purpose Room for our student of the month assembly. This month’s character trait was courage. Congratulations to Aubree and Allison for being chosen as students of the month!

When we returned to the classroom we had a quick morning meeting and then we began our reading rotations. You read Chapter 2 in your Little Reader, "Akando and Aponi: The Gatherers." Akando and Aponi gathered crops and vegetables in their baskets to harvest before the frost came. In your spelling group you opened up easter eggs and unscrambled your words. You also added abstract and concrete nouns to your writing notebooks. An abstract noun names something you can not see, taste, hear, touch, or smell. A concrete noun names something you can feel with your senses. For a bonus ticket, leave a comment with an example of each.

Since it is Wednesday, Miss Erica from Exploration Place was here to test the spaghetti bridges you built last week. Each bridge was placed in between two tables and was tested to see whos was the strongest. Congrats to James and Aubree for constructing the strongest bridge!

During Social Studies we added the Great Plains region to your Native American Tribes booklet. Kansas is part of the Great Plains!

After specials, it was time for our math rotations. In today’s lesson, you determined the perimeter of regular polygons and rectangles with missing measurements. We know that the opposite sides of rectangles are equal and all the sides of a regular polygon are equal, so we were able to find the missing side lengths easily!

Have a good night, see you guys tomorrow!

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