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Stripes & Hats

Happy Monday my fabulous 3rd graders! It is a brand new month and spring is in the air! We began our morning by giving job checklists to the new classroom helpers and filling out desk pet applications if you wanted one. Remember, your teachers will review these applications over spring break and adoption day will happen when you get back from break! During our meeting you were able to see a preview of all the pets that will be available for adoption such as: a panda, a whale shark, different dinosaurs, a deer and more! We also had a special share time and Mikkel read us his Detective Penguin book. Thank you for sharing Mikkel!

In today's rotations we reviewed telling time with Mrs. Meridith by relating skip-counting by fives on the clock and telling time to a number line. For an extra dollar, comment below what time "a quarter til 10" is. In Miss Gurley's group you either finished your planet mobile or started working on your planet report. Miss Gurley has started hanging the planet mobiles in our classroom and they look so good! For your writing lesson with Mrs. Day, you completed another reading/writing choice board over Chapter 7, "Constellations."

We finished the movie, Winn Dixie today which was perfect timing because it is Read Across America and Dr. Suess Week, so your teachers have other fun books to read! Yay!

During science we met with Mystery Doug to investigate magnetic attraction and repulsion. In today's lesson, you learned different ways that magnets are useful to us, such as magnetic train tracks. You were able to start using our scientific ideas about magnets to create a useful product: a magnetic lock that can open a paper door. We will finish your secret locks on Wednesday!

We finished the day with our afternoon rotations, but due to having to stop and take time to clean our disaster of a classroom, we were not able to get outside to enjoy the nice weather. Unfortunately, some students have been leaving candy trash on our classroom floor so there is a Candy Ban in our classroom until after Spring Break. Bummer!

You are future 4th graders, so please do better and treat our classroom with respect. Have a great evening everyone, we will see you in the morning!

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