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Stinky Feet, Egg Hunt, & State Assessment Prep

Hello 3rd graders! We hope you all got some good rest after the track meet and are ready for another fun and short, but busy week! You noticed on our countdowns that there are now only 3 school days until State Assessments and 12 days until the Color Run! We are going to be very busy these last few weeks of school.

There was no Native American read-aloud today, but we did have our three reading rotations. You read chapter 6, Adoette and Awan, the Bird Chasers, with Mrs. Meridith, worked on contractions in Mrs. Day’s writing group and practiced for your spelling test by unscrambling your words with Miss Gurley.

Rather than having only two days of CAFE time, your teachers decided it would be more beneficial to do some review activities for your State Assessments. Today we played Stinky Feet. You worked with a team to correctly answer questions for your chance to earn points. The tricky part of the game Stinky Feet is that the points can be positive or negative!

After lunch and recess we began a new Mystery Science lesson about how and why flowers are pollinated. You learned that a flower needs pollen on its sticky stigma in order for its seeds to develop. You also learned that the pollen a plant needs on its stigma can't come from its own pollen dusters. Or, in other words, a flower can't pollinate itself. It needs pollen from a different flower to create seeds. For a bonus ticket, leave a comment telling us why bees are important for pollination.

You left specials a little early today so we could walk to Homestead Assisted Living Center for an Easter Egg hunt!

When we returned to school it was time for your math rotations. Instead of a math lesson, we did more review for your state assessments. You worked with a team to correctly answer questions and try to be the first to connect four. We will continue reviewing tomorrow!

See you tomorrow for another fun-filled day!

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