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State Assessments, Matchstick Puzzles, & Auditions

Hello 3rd graders! Happy Wednesday! We began our morning meeting by thinking about 5 things to be happy about. Your teachers even came up with our own list! We are happy that:

  • Auditions went really well! Fractured Fairy Tales have been fun

  • Your cubbies have stayed cleaner

  • Only one more State Assessment left

  • We are going to the Regent Theater on Friday

  • 3rd grade is the best grade!

After our meeting, you went outside for a brain break recess before you began your first session of the English Language Arts State Assessment. Once everyone was finished testing you got to go back outside again!

When you got back inside, your teachers had more brain teasers for you to work on. Today’s brain teasers were matchstick puzzles. Unfortunately, some groups chose to have a fixed mindset, rather than a growth mindset. Please remember, you CAN do hard things! We want you to always try your best, and if something is hard for you, try to do it a different way or get help from your group - don’t just give up and don’t ever say mean or hurtful words to your classmates!

For today’s Mystery Science lesson, you played a game called Odd One Out. First, you looked at the outside of three different fruits, then you took a guess about which two you thought were related. Then you looked at the inside of those same fruits, plus a little picture of their leaves and their flowers. Once you saw these clues, you took a second guess about which two you thought were related. The two that are alike are varieties of the same fruit. The one that's different isn't related; it's the odd one out. We will finish this lesson tomorrow!

During our reading lesson we read the fractured fairy tale, Bigfoot Cinderrrrella. Next, you analyzed Rrrrrella’s internal and external character traits by writing at least 5 words that described Rrrrrella on the inside and how she looks on the outside.

You also auditioned for parts in the Fractured Fairy Tale plays. You will find out which part you got tomorrow!

Have a great night, see you tomorrow for your last day of State Assessments!

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