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State Assessments & Fractured Fairy Tales

Good morning class! Happy Monday! We hope you are well-rested and ready for another busy week in 3rd grade! We began our morning with a meeting, announcements, and some reminders for the week. Before we got down to business, you were able to go outside to get some fresh air and wake your brains up.

The countdown to State Assessments is officially over. You took your first math test today. With bananas and popcorn to fuel your brains, you used your knowledge and skills that we have practiced all year to do your best. Your teachers even wore special shirts that displayed a test taking strategy!

Once everyone was finished testing, we took another brain break outside. When you returned to the classroom, your teachers had a few special “brain teaser” challenges for you. We asked that you work together with your cohorts and think outside of the box to try to solve the problems. Here’s another one for a bonus dollar: It’s as light as a feather, but the strongest person can’t hold it for more than five minutes. What is it?

This afternoon we began our last lesson with Mystery Doug. During the lesson, we discussed how you could make the biggest fruit in the world. Also, because plant growers can use selection to change any trait of a plant, it means we've created a lot of different varieties of fruits and vegetables. We will continue this lesson on Wednesday.

After specials, you either went to Prime Time or completed lessons on Dreambox. Next on the agenda, was a whole group reading lesson.

For today’s reading lesson, we began by reading a “Fractured Fairy Tale.” A fractured fairy tale is when authors take a fairy tale story we love and know and change it up a bit to retell it in a fun, new way. Some changes the author might make include new or different characters, different settings, or switching the good/bad characters. After reading, Ninja Red Riding Hood, you were able to identify the main characters and setting. Next, you picked out the most important parts of the story and sequenced the beginning, middle, and end.

At the end of the day, we auctioned off your cardboard arcade games and then it was time to pack up and go home!

Remember to get to bed at a decent time and eat a healthy breakfast. Keep up the good work. Your teachers are very proud of you! See you in the morning!

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