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State Assessment Practice (Fail) & Viking Quests

Welcome to another fun week in 3rd grade!

In today’s reading rotations you read, “A Plan is Made” with Mrs. Meridith. What is the plan for getting Thor’s hammer back? Do you think the plan will be successful? You also practiced using the conjunctions and, but, and because with Mrs. Day and learned your new spelling pattern for the week (hard c).

Instead of a CAFE menu this week, we will be spending time taking practice State Assessments. Your teachers want you to become familiar with what the tests will look like and the tools you can use before we take the actual state assessments later on. We were unable to get logged onto Kite today, but we will try again tomorrow!

After lunch we went on our first Viking Quest. During today’s quest we had to row our longship through some terrible storms. When we finally arrived in Vinland, we met Leif Erikson. He explained more about the Vikings and how they survive in new lands - they have to hunt for resources and rely on their environment to keep them alive. That meant we had to find bilberries, fish, and timber to harvest.

During math, we did more work with fractions on a number line, but today you had to find fractions that were EQUIVALENT, or equal. That means they would fall on the SAME PLACE on the number line, or be the same size in a fraction model. If it was tough for you today, don't worry! You will be practicing this skill of equivalent fractions all week.

For another bonus ticket, answer this question: Do 2/2 (2 halves) and 4/4 (4 fourths) have the same value? Why or why not?

Have a great night! See you tomorrow.

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