• Cecily Day

Speech Writing & Loads of Assessments

Today flew by in 3rd Grade! Whenever it was time to clean up, we couldn't believe it was already time to go home.

We spent more time campaigning for our candy bar election by making more posters and writing a speech for the debate next Tuesday. We had to think of an interesting way to start our speeches, 3 reasons why our candy was the best, and a closing. The Chocolate Party and the Chewy/Fruity Party will faceoff with their speeches before the voting.

Since we are wrapping up our Animal Classifications in reading and Module 2 in math, we spent today taking assessments. We tested our knowledge over context clues and everything Rattenborough taught us about vertebrates. Then, we took our math test over clocks, measurement, rounding, and addition and subtraction.

Tomorrow we are SO excited for our Halloween party, House Challenge, and Times Test! Your work on Google Classroom will be Halloween-themed tomorrow as well. Can't wait to see your costumes and celebrate a lot of hard work this week.

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