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Space Shuttles, Citizenship & Analyzing Graphs

Hello 3rd grade! We began our marvelous Monday morning with a meeting where we greeted each other, shared some special show and tells, and talked about the day’s announcements.

During reading rotations you sequenced sentences in a paragraph with Mrs. Day, read about space shuttles with Mrs. Meridith, and played hangman to practice your spelling words with Miss Malorie.

Next, you completed a Daily 5 choice or went to Reading Prime Time. Then we played a Blooket to review what you have learned so far about astronomy and space!

After lunch, we had a social studies lesson about citizenship. We specifically talked about different ways that you can be a good citizen. For a bonus ticket, give an example of how you can be a good citizen.

In today’s math lesson, you solved problems with categorical data and measurement data by answering questions about line plots, picture graphs, and bar graphs. This was the final lesson in this math module. You will take a test over collecting and displaying data tomorrow!

Have a nice night, see you all tomorrow!

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