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Southwest Region, Possessive Nouns & More Perimeter

Hello 3rd graders! During morning meeting you noticed a new countdown on our morning slides: 8 school days until State Assessments! That means we have 8 days to learn and fill your brains with knowledge before testing, so we did not waste any time getting to business today.

For today's read-aloud, you heard about several tribes who still live in the Southwest and are descendants of the Ancestral Pueblo. One tribe you learned a great deal about is the Hopi. The Hopi lived in homes made of stone and clay, with wooden beams; people entered them through the roofs, using a ladder. The mother's side of the family was the most important family connection, and that determined which clan a Hopi belonged to. You heard that if the Hopi wanted to punish someone they gave them "the cold shoulder." For a bonus ticket, comment below what this expression means.

During reading rotations you read Chapter 4: Alo, the Spirit Giver, in your little readers, correctly used possessive nouns, and practiced your new spelling pattern.

In Social Studies we added the Southwest Region to our Native American booklets. The climate was very hot and dry and there were limited natural resources available to them. The ground was mostly flat and it hardly ever rained there.

For today’s math lesson, you used what you know about polygons and rectangles to find unknown measurements and solve the perimeter. During menu you solved word problems using the RDW process and you spent technology time on Reflex.

At the end of the day we got outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. See you all tomorrow!

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