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Sound, Tests, & Parts of a Whole

Happy FRI-YAY 3rd graders! Do you feel like you accomplished a lot this week? I sure think we did! During morning meeting we greeted each other like pirates, had a special show and tell from our star students, read the blog, and talked about announcements. Next we began reading rotations.

During today’s rotations you read more about sound with Mrs. Meridith. You learned that two things are needed to create sound. Comment below what those two things are for a bonus ticket! You also built sentences by using adverbs and adjectives with Mrs. Day, and took your spelling test with Miss Gurley.

After lunch you took your weekly times test and then we moved your seats.You will be in these seats for the next 2 weeks. We also celebrated Steehlen’s birthday with delicious cupcakes and a song!

For today’s math lesson you identified and represented shaded and non-shaded parts of one whole as fractions. For another bonus ticket, answer this word problem:

Mrs. Day cooks 8 cups of oatmeal for her family. They eat 7 eighths of the oatmeal. What fraction of the oatmeal is uneaten?

It’s been a fantastic week in 3rd grade! Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

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