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Sound, Hopper Poppers, & Unit Fractions

Hello 3rd graders! We started our Thursday by thinking about what sound is. During our read aloud you learned that sound is a form of energy that is caused by the vibration of particles and that travels in waves. Our ears receive the sound waves and help us to hear. We can also feel vibrations through solid objects.

In our reading rotations you talked more about adjectives with Mrs. Day, sorted sound sequencing sentence strips with Mrs. Meridith, and practiced for your spelling test with Miss. Gurley. Don’t forget, your spelling test is tomorrow!

We ended our morning with Reading Prime Time and CAFE.

After lunch, we finished our Mystery Science lesson. You worked with a partner to launch your hopper poppers and record how high they jumped. Depending on how fast you launched the hopper popper, it jumped off the desk below your head, shoulder level, or even over your head!

During math you wrote unit fractions that had more than one shaded part and identified the new fraction both in unit form and fraction form. What fraction of this circle is shaded? Comment with the correct answer for a bonus ticket!

Have a nice night! See you tomorrow!

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