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Sound, Bridges, & Number Bond Fractions

Welcome back from your nice long 3-day weekend! We started our morning by greeting each other with What’s the News, had a special show and tell from Sophie, read the blog and talked about a few announcements.

Once we finished morning meeting we began reading rotations. You sorted new spelling words with Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie, combined sentences with Mrs. Day, and read Chapter 7 about the characteristics of sound with Mrs. Meridith.

During our read aloud you learned that the frequency of sound waves affect the pitch of a sound. High frequency waves have a higher pitch, or higher sound. Low frequency sound waves have a lower pitch, or lower sound. What are some examples of high-pitched sounds? What about low-pitched sounds? Comment an example of each for a bonus ticket!

After lunch, we celebrated Allison’s birthday with cosmic brownies and a go noodle birthday song. Then, Mystery Doug led us through our new science lesson over forces. We learned about 4 different types of bridges and how engineers have to think about forces to construct bridges, like the Golden Gate. Tomorrow you will start constructing your own bridges! Do you remember one of the four types of bridges? Comment below for another extra ticket!

For today’s math rotations you started a new week of menu activities, had a teacher lesson about representing parts of one whole as fractions with number bonds, and worked towards a green light on Reflex.

At the end of the day we celebrated Mrs. Day’s birthday with delicious chocolate chip cookies! Yum!

It was another terrific day! Have a nice evening, see you tomorrow!

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