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Snowy Thursday

All of us woke up to a snowy morning, but it wasn't enough to keep us home. And that's okay, because when you all got to school, you discovered our classroom has been transformed for Christmas! Our doors are decorated like gingerbread houses in honor of our Gingerbread Community project this month. We also have a Christmas tree in our room now, and you all helped us make our Among Us bulletin board. It's so festive in here!

In social studies, we continued learning about the ancient Roman civilization and their gods and goddesses. We researched the different gods and goddesses with a partner, then used our facts to make a family tree! Some of these gods and goddesses have crazy stories! And we also learned that the Greek gods and goddesses you learned about are very similar to the Roman ones - they just have different names!

In math, we worked on area and using the side lengths to make a multiplication sentence. We could multiply the two sides together and find the area! What would the missing side length be for this rectangle with an area of 15 square centimeters?

In reading, we learned about the Punic Wars with Mrs. Meridith and planned a paragraph with Mrs. Day. We also talked about our class writing goals! Each student was given a goal to focus on to make their journal prompts and classroom writing even better. And if you meet your goal without your teacher reminding you, you will move on to the next one!

We can't wait to get the rest of your gingerbread houses tomorrow so we can start planning our gingerbread community. See you on Friday for more Christmas fun!

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