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Skittles Gratitude!

Hello 3rd graders! We began this lovely Tuesday morning with our usual morning meeting and another Thankfulness Activity. Today’s activity was a fun gratitude game! To play, you were given a baggie of skittles. When it was your turn, you picked a skittle out of your bag and shared what you were thankful for according to the skittle color:

During our reading rotations you worked more on your health fair projects in Mrs. Day’s group. Only 3 more school days until the Health Fair! You read Chapter 9, Overcoming Disabilities, with Mrs. Meridith. For your spelling practice, you played a musical chair spelling game!

After recess and lunch we continued working on our Changes in Kansas book. Today we discussed how people have changed from the past to the present. One example you gave included how women used to have to wear dresses or skirts, but now they can wear anything.

In math you went to Prime Time or completed a menu activity. For today’s lesson with your teacher, you used different strategies to solve word problems involving 6’s and 7’s facts. For a bonus ticket, solve this word problem:

Six friends equally share the cost of a $42 meal. How much does each person pay?

Enjoy your evening, we will see you tomorrow!

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