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Roman Social Classes, Clouds, & 2-Step Word-Problems

Hello 3rd graders! Welcome to our Thankful Thursday. During morning meeting we greeted each other with a selfie salutation, our star students Holden and Aubree shared some awesome show & tell items, and you made a Thankful leaf to add to our Thankful Tree!

In today’s read-aloud, you learned about three categories of people in ancient Rome: patricians, plebeians, and slaves. Patricians were wealthy citizens, served as senators, had slaves and could vote. Plebeians were considered second class citizens, worked as farmers, traders, and merchants and they were also allowed to vote. Slaves on the other hand, received just enough education to help them be better at their jobs, but they were not considered citizens and could not vote and had few rights.

Instead of reading rotations, you and a partner got assigned a Roman God or Goddess to research. You had to record their special powers, character traits, family members, and stories about them. Once you are finished with your research, we will display these in the classroom and connect them like a “family tree.”

We ended our morning with Reading Prime Time, Daily 5, and some more of The BFG.

After recess and lunch, you took your weekly times test. Next, you and a partner used your knowledge of clouds to look at different pictures and decide what kind of clouds were in the sky and whether or not they were storm clouds.

For our math lesson, we practiced 2-step word problems using all four operations- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For a bonus ticket, solve this 2 step word problem:

Miss Gurley spends 39 minutes practicing for her times test. She then does 6 chores. Each chore takes her 3 minutes. How many minutes does Miss Gurley spend studying and doing chores?`

Don’t forget, tomorrow we are going to Cowtown! Please bring a throw-away sack lunch and dress warmly. It’s going to be so much fun!

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