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Rock n Roll Thursday

Happy Thursday Third Grade! We started our Morning Meeting by “Hitting the Rock n Roll” aka giving someone in our cohort a fist bump and telling them your favorite song, all while jamming out to some classic rock music. We shared something we wished we did less and why, and some of you had some really thoughtful answers! We finished up our morning meeting by reading the blog.

Next, we began our whole group reading lesson by giving each of you a blank piece of paper. This paper was for you to use to doodle or jot down your thoughts during the read aloud. Sometimes, drawing or writing while you listen helps you to remember what is being read! In the beginning of today’s read aloud, Mole has the blues over the state of his home. By the end of the chapter, Mole was in better spirits because of Rat’s actions. What themes do you think Rat’s actions demonstrate? Comment below for an extra ticket!

After our read aloud, we went to our 3 reading rotations. During Mrs. Day's group you added 4 types of sentences to your writing notebooks: statements, commands, questions and exclamations. In Mrs. Meridith's group you continued to review sequencing and used sequencing words to explain the order in which events took place. Miss Gurley and Miss Malorie's groups read the second chapter of the tale Aladdin in your little readers and answered questions.

When we finished with our reading rotations, some of you went to your new Prime Time groups while the rest of you practiced one of our Daily 5 choices “Read to Self.” After discussing the expectations during “Read to Self,” you all chose a book and found a comfy spot to sit and read. Our class was able to read for 7 minutes. What is our stamina goal? Remember, we have to reach this goal before you can learn more about Daily 5!

After lunch, we continued our color-mixing lesson. We reviewed the primary and secondary colors and then mixed colors next to each other on the color wheel to create tertiary colors, such as red-violet, blue-green, and yellow-orange. Tomorrow we will add white and black to create even more colors!

We ended our day with 3 math rotations. Some of you were on Reflex, some were doing fact fluency practice, and the rest were with a teacher practicing using the commutative property of multiplication, otherwise known as turn-around facts.

Before we left for the day, we had a special show and tell from our previous Star Student, Sophie. Thanks for sharing with the class Sophie!

Have a great night, see you all tomorrow!

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