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Robotics House Challenge and Color Run!

Woooo-weee! This Friday was so busy that it might take all weekend for your teachers to recover! But Mrs. Day and Mrs. Meridith both agreed that Friday was one of our most favorite days we've ever had in 3rd Grade!

We started the day off with a house challenge. You competed in one of these competitions:


Dash and Dot

Human Bot



3D Printer

Makey Makey


We will find out the winners on Monday!

After recess and lunch, we took a few minutes to chill out and rest our bodies before the Color Run. We watched Cheaper By The Dozen and moved seats. Then, we got decked out in our color run gear and headed to the assembly. Some of you received an extra color dye packet to start the race, and then 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades took off from the starting line! Mrs. Day and Mrs. Meridith were stained orange and blue from our color throwing station, but it was so worth it! It was a beautiful day with great weather.

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!

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