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Report Card Evidence, Supply/Demand, & Module 6 Review

Happy wacky Wednesday 3rd graders! We eased into our day with morning meeting where we greeted each other with air high fives, talked about the day’s schedule and reminded you to bring money for our field trip on Friday if you haven’t done so yet!

Then we began our reading rotations. You completed more report card evidence with Mrs. Day and Mrs. Meridith. For spelling practice you went outside and wrote sight words with chalk.

Since there is no Prime Time on Wednesdays and the weather was so nice, we decided to get outside for some fresh air before our CAFE groups met.

After lunch and recess it was time for another economics lesson. Today we discussed supply and demand. Supply is the amount of something that is available. Demand is the number of consumers who want to buy the good. For a bonus ticket, fill in this blank : If something is popular, the ______ for it is high.

When you returned from specials, we began our math rotations. First, we reviewed Module 6, which was all about picture graphs, bar graphs, and line plots. Next, you played another money game to review coins. Then you all worked on your Dreambox lessons for the week and we packed up and went home!

Have a nice evening, see you all tomorrow!

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