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Reindeer Treats, Fastbridge, & Civil Engineering

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Happy Tuesday 3rd graders! When you came into the classroom this morning you were surprised to see our elf sitting on the top of our tree! He thought it looked bare, so he spruced it up with some ornaments and a star. After announcements and morning meeting, we checked our Christmas Countdown calendar to see that today’s activity was making a fun reindeer treat! They were so cute and yummy!

As you finished up your reindeer treat, it was time to begin our reading lessons. In our read aloud you learned that eventually, the ancient Roman Empire was divided into two different areas, the Western and Eastern Empires. However, when you read chapter 17 you discovered that these two empires did not last forever.

After reading and sight word spelling practice, we continued our FastBridge tests with aReading and aMath. Remember to take your time and do your best on these tests. Keep up the hard work!

After lunch we celebrated Katelyn’s birthday with a birthday song and cookies. Happy birthday Katelyn!

For social studies, we focused on the job of a civil engineer and how they plan to build towns. They have to think about electricity, sewer, traffic, and so many other things! We will have to think about those things for our gingerbread community as well.

In your math lesson we recognized that opposite side lengths of rectangles are equal. Keep this in your brains as we continue learning about area!

At the end of the day, we went to the all-purpose room for your final music rehearsal. We can’t wait to see you and hear you sing at the Christmas Program tonight! (Be at the High School at 5:45)

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