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Reindeer Snacks, Gingerbread Community, & Wrapping Up Units

Hello snowy Monday! So many of you shared stories of how you played in the snow over the weekend, but it sure made it chilly to come to school! Good thing we stayed nice and warm in 3rd Grade.

We opened our Christmas activity calendar and discovered on the 14th Day of Christmas that we were making delicious reindeer snacks! Then, we spent lots of time finishing up our gingerbread community. We have a few final touches to make the rest of this week, but they look pretty darn amazing!

We are reaching the end of our math and reading units. In math, we worked on finding the area of irregular rectangles. We cut the funny shaped rectangles into 2 smaller, regular rectangles, then found each area. Once we did that, we were able to add them together to find the entire area of the irregular shape. We don't have a menu this week, but instead are doing some tech time with espark! On Thursday, we will take our Unit 4 math test!

In reading, we had time for all 3 reading rotations. Mrs. Meridith's group read about Augustus Caesar some more, Mrs. Day's group worked on their animal paragraphs, and Miss Gurley's group worked on spelling words. We will take our reading test TOMORROW!

We have a lot going on tomorrow. We will be visiting the 5th Grade Santa Store, having an Exploration Place lesson with Miss Erica, and wrapping up things we have been working on in class. This week will be busy, fast, and FUN with all the Christmas spirit!

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