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Reindeer Drawing, Christmas Tree Farm, & More Area!

Hello 3rd graders! For the “15th Day of Christmas” we opened up our countdown calendar and today’s activity was a Reindeer directed drawing. All of your reindeer turned out so cute and unique!

Next, we continued our Christmas Tree Farm activities. Today you applied for a job at the Tree Farm. You had to choose which job position you wanted to apply for, such as an arborist, gift shop cashier, tree salesperson or tree deliverer and list three skills or qualities you have that would make you a great fit for the job.

After applying for a job, you had to decide the days of the week and the hours in which the tree farm would be open. Our last Christmas tree farm activity for the morning was to film a commercial advertising your tree farm! You worked together with a group to persuade customers to come to your tree farm.

Before we knew it, Miss Erica was here for another fun science lesson about weather. Your job today was to build a structure out of playdoh that would withstand hail….aka marbles.

After lunch and recess, we finished and watched your Tree Farm commercials. You guys are great advertisers!

During math rotations, you met with your teachers for a lesson about solving word problems involving area. For a bonus ticket, solve this word problem:

The surface of an office desk has an area of 15 square feet. Its length is 5 feet. How wide is the office desk?

A few reminders:

  • Spelling test tomorrow

  • Area test tomorrow

  • You will be watching a movie in the all purpose room in the morning. You can wear pajamas if you want!

  • Our pizza party is this Friday during lunch!

It was a great day! See you all tomorrow!

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