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Regent Movie Theater Day!

Hey, hey 3rd graders! Happy FRI-YAY! We began our morning by doing deposits, hearing a special story from Mikkel, and going over the day's schedule.

After our morning meeting, we listened to another fractured fairytale. Today’s story was called Snoring Beauty. We listened to the read aloud and then you listed the main idea and three details.

Once our reading lesson was over, we went outside for a brain break. Next, you got on dreambox or reflex while your teachers pulled you over with your castmates to read through your script. We have ideas for props, costumes, and backgrounds!

Our next activity was continuing on with the matchstick puzzles. You worked hard, but some of you started to give up a little easier today. Remember to keep a growth mindset and keep on trying even when things are hard!

After lunch and recess, we walked to the Regent Theater to watch the live-action Mulan. Your teachers were BEYOND impressed with your behavior during the movie. You set a great example for the younger students. Way to go!

Enjoy your weekend! We will see you Monday!

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