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Refraction & Lenses, Force, and Equal/Unequal Fractions

Hello 3rd graders! We began our Tuesday morning with our usual meeting and greeting and then we began our reading lessons for the day!

In today’s read-aloud, Sam and Jack went to the carnival. Most of the story was about convex and concave lenses, but they also discussed refraction, reflections, light, angles and mirrors. For a bonus ticket, name an example of a translucent object.

During rotations, you reviewed adverbs with Mrs. Day, completed a word sort using words with this week’s spelling pattern with Miss Gurley and read chapter 4 in your little readers with Mrs. Meridith.

After lunch, we had another Mystery Science lesson about force. We talked about pushes and pulls, and how those matter during a tug of war game. We also watched rubber bands put force on a watermelon until it exploded! Tomorrow during science, we will finish the lesson by making our own rubber band Hopper Popper.

In today’s math lesson, we continued working with fractions. We used the fraction strips you made yesterday to help us specify and partition a whole into equal parts. Whenever we think about fractions, there's a couple rules that we must always remember:

1) The pieces ALWAYS have to be the same size (or in equal parts) to be a fraction.

2) The bigger the number, the smaller the pieces. (For example, if I share my brownies with 2 people, the pieces will be bigger. If I share my brownies with 8 people, the pieces will be smaller.)

For a bonus ticket, can you tell us how many equal pieces there would be if we partitioned our fraction into sevenths?

Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

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