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Red Ribbon Week!

Hello 3rd graders! We hope you had a nice long 4 day weekend and are ready for the last week of October! We began our day with our Morning Meeting which included a greeting, sharing what ice-cream flavor we would choose to get rid of and why and “Doggy, Doggy Where’s Your Bone?” Next, we reviewed chapter 2, All About Bones, by listening to it and answering some questions. For a bonus ticket, comment below what bones are made out of!

In our reading rotations, you completed a daily fix it sentence with Mrs. Day and added action verbs to your writing notebooks. In Mrs. Meridith’s group, you learned the meaning of two new prefixes dis- and mis-. Dis- means “not” and mis- means “wrong.” You also practiced your spelling pattern and sequencing with Miss Gurley and Miss Emma.

Before we began Reading Prime Time/Daily 5, we talked about the Red Ribbon Week coloring contest. You have until Thursday to finish your “Toad-ally awesome” picture! After prime time, we continued watching Because of WInn Dixie.

After lunch, we had a science lesson about the human body and its multiple interacting systems. First, we looked at a car and thought about how each part of the car has a specific function and how they work together in order for the car to move. Next, you practiced arm curls with a dumbbell, breathed into paper bags with a straw, and identified different muscles. We discussed how our body systems function together and the necessity of all the systems to live.

In math, we started a new week of menu activities. During your lesson with your teachers, you used place value charts and the standard algorithm to subtract two and three digit digit measurements. You also completed lessons on Dreambox.

Have a great evening, we will see you all tomorrow!

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