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Red Friday

Happy Friday 3rd graders! We started our morning off by doing deposits with our treasurer. While students deposited money into their checkbooks, Davy cashed in her tunes pass and played the morning music. Once deposits were finished, we moved on to our morning meeting. During today's meeting, our students of the week, Brittin and Elyssa, shared their show & tell items with the class. We also took breakfast and lunch count for next week.

Since today was a tEsT day, we did not have rotations. So once our morning meeting was finished, we started off with your spelling test. Next, you took your Unit 6 reading test over The Viking Age and Cause and Effect. Once everyone was finished you either went to Reading Prime Time or helped get our classroom organized.

After Reading Prime TIme, you finished your dream jars by adding your most perfect dream, (also known as a "Golden Fizzwhizzer") to your jars. They are now ready to be displayed in the hall! While everyone worked on their dream writing, we continued watching the BFG movie.

Before you went to specials we discussed our classroom fundraiser - selling wooden roses! Once Miller and Branson finally got the okay from Mrs. Elder to sell the roses, each of you had a job to help us get ready for the fundraiser. Some students made signs to hang in the hall to advertise or posters to hang under the table we will sell the roses at, others helped make a note to send home to every class about the fundraiser, and a few students wrote a script to use for announcing the fundraiser over the intercom. Remember we will sell the roses February 8-10 after school by the front doors. The cost of the roses is 1 for $1 or a bundle of 6 roses for $5.

For specials today you had library and PE. During library, you made your Valentine's Day sack! Our Valentine's party isn't until Thursday, February 11th, BUT you can bring your Valentine's any day next week to put in your classmates sacks.

After specials it was time for your weekly times tests! Then you took your Module 5 Math Test. When you were finished with your test you either continued working on Rose posters for the hallways or did some math practice on Dreambox or Reflex.

Before we left for the day we celebrated Emiley's birthday with some birthday treats. Happy early birthday Emiley! Then we were able to get outside to enjoy a last minute recess!

Have a great weekend! Go Chiefs!!!

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