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Red Carpet Day!

It was a fabulous Red Carpet extravaganza in 3rd Grade! Our day began with a quick morning meeting. Then, we started our Red Carpet Awards ceremony. Each student received a candy bar that matched their award. The live event was complete with fashion on the red carpet, some student interviews, and commercial breaks. Congratulations to all of you on your hard work this school year!

Then, we spent a large chunk of our morning rehearsing our fractured fairy tale plays. Everyone else got to enjoy some free time on the Chromebooks. After lunch and specials, it was time for the real presentations! Everyone did a tremendous job with your costumes, props, and reading your lines. We may have several future actors and actresses in this class!

We ended the day by sending home some special end of the year gifts, walking to Braum’s for some ice-cream and playing poison dart frog! We are looking forward to our last day of school tomorrow - let's make it a great one!

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