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Rainy Tuesday

Hello 3rd graders and happy Tuesday! First thing this morning those of you with desk pets were able to get them out for some exercise. Way to be responsible pet owners! After a quick morning meeting, we got straight to business.

In today's whole group reading lesson, we began by locating some of the areas that you heard about in yesterday's Read-Aloud and labeling them on a map. We also drew arrows on the map to show some of the routes used by the people of Asia to migrate to different areas of North America. Remember, it is believed that there were several ways people migrated to North America, but this unit focuses on the Beringia Migration. In today's read-aloud we read about how Native Americans acquired their food, the different regions they settled in, what kind of clothes they wore and more.

For our lessons today we resumed our rotation schedule. For math with Mrs. Meridith, you continued using the RDW strategy to solve 2-step word problems. In Miss Gurley's group you reviewed the cardinal directions and completed a region map by labeling the regions that you heard about in today's read-aloud. The regions you labeled were: Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Arctic/Subarctic. Once you finished your map, you worked on a comparison quick write with your cohort. In writing with Mrs. Day you practiced using commas properly in a sentence. For an extra dollar, rewrite this sentence with commas in the right place: My teachers are beautiful stunning and smart.

For science, Miss Erica from Exploration Place was here for another lesson about magnets. During the lesson, you created an electromagnet using a battery, nail, and copper wire. We ran out of time to finish your magnet contraption, but don't worry, we sent instructions with you so you can test it out at home!

Once rotations were finished, it was time to pack up and go home. Have a great evening, we will see you tomorrow for a Wonderful Wednesday!

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