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Hey 3rd grade! We started off this Wacky Wednesday with our very first Character Counts Assembly. The trait of the month was RESPECT. After hearing what respect means to Quantum House members, the students of the month were announced. Congratulations to our 3rd grade students of the month, Aiden and Maison! Thanks for being so RESPECTFUL!

After a quick morning meeting, we began our Animal Classification read aloud. In today’s reading we learned about another group of animals: amphibians. Most amphibians spend part of their lives in water and part on land. As we read, we paused to identify the transformation frogs and toads go through in their lifetime by using sequencing words.

Next we began our reading rotations. In Mrs. Day’s writing group you sorted topic sentences and supporting details into the correct categories. During Mrs. Meridith’s group you read more about amphibians and filled out an amphibian graphic organizer with all the new information you learned. You also got in some more spelling pattern practice.

Since it is Wednesday, Miss Erica from Exploration Place was here for a science lesson! You practiced using the scientific method of “wafting” a liquid. The liquids you smelled were all clear:

  • Water

  • Vinegar

  • Salt water

  • Baking soda water

After figuring out which liquid was which, you used PH paper to test each liquid to see if it was an acid, base, or a neutral. You also got 3 pumpkin seeds and added one of the above liquids to a cup with the seeds. You made predictions on which will grow the tallest. We will check back on these next week!

After recess and lunch, we had another science lesson about different animals and their environments. What do you call a characteristic of a living thing that helps it survive? Comment below for a bonus ticket! We will finish this lesson and our cohort challenge tomorrow!

During math rotations, you met with your teachers for a lesson on solving word problems involving time. You worked on fact fluency or tape diagrams and you also had math practice on Reflex.

At the end of the day, we signed up for Lemonade Stand Committees. You will get together with your team members tomorrow and start getting to work!

Have a great evening, see you all tomorrow!

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