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Punic Wars & Turkey Games

Hello 3rd graders! We began this Marvelous Monday with a morning meeting and another gratitude activity. We listened to, A Little Thankful Spot, and discussed how writing down one thing you are thankful for each day can make you a happier person!

For today’s read-aloud, you learned about the Punic Wars-- a series of battles between Rome and Carthage. During these three Punic Wars, which lasted more than one hundred years, Rome and Carthage fought for ultimate control of the Mediterranean Sea and all the land surrounding it. Eventually, the Romans won and this was the beginning of one of the most powerful empires in all of history.

During reading rotations, you read more about the Punic Wars in your little readers with Mrs. Meridith, completed a daily-fix it and practiced verb tenses with Mrs. Day. You also played a spelling game called Boom!

We ended our morning with Reading Prime Time, Daily 5, and some more of The BFG. We are almost finished reading the book, so we will be able to watch the movie tomorrow!

There is no menu for math this week because of Thanksgiving break, so you did some rounding and measurement review and then played a few turkey games! For a bonus ticket, solve this division problem:

12 pumpkin pies were divided equally into pieces for 4 people. How many pieces of pumpkin pie did each person get?


Have a nice night, we will see you all tomorrow!

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