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Poison Dart Frogs & Liters

We started our Tuesday by drawing a map of our community! It was fun to see your different neighborhoods and businesses that are nearby. We also started our day with Exploration Place. We talked about life cycles of living things and drew pictures of the different stages.

In reading, we read about the poison dart frog. We discovered that their skin secretes poison, and some species of poison dart frogs have enough poison to kill a human! Yikes! Good thing they have bright colored skin to warn us to stay away. We also learned that they live in the canopies of trees and keep their babies safe there until they grow into adult frogs. We also played the poison dart frog game, and it was super fun!

In math, we decomposed a Liter into milliliters. There are 1000mL in 1L, and when we broke it down into smaller groups of 10, we discovered that it takes 10 groups of 100 to make 1L. It takes 10 groups of 10 to make 100mL. And it takes 10 groups of 1 (like our water dropper) to make 10mL. We completed our exit ticket, then got ready to head home for the day.

Don't forget that we have school tomorrow. It is NOT a remote Wednesday because we do not have school on Friday!

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