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PJ Day!

Happy Monday 3rd Graders! We began our morning by greeting each other with "What's the News?" from the weekend. We shared if we would like to live in outer space or not. Then, we played From A to Z and read the blog.

There was no whole group read-aloud today, so Mrs. Meridith introduced a new spelling pattern to you. For the next two weeks, you will practice spelling words with a CVCe (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-e) pattern. All of these words are verbs that you will also add the suffixes -ed and -ing to. When a root word ends with CVCe, the final ‘e’ must be dropped before adding -ed or -ing.

During reading rotations, Mrs. Meridith’s group read Chapter 11 in your Little Readers and filled out a Reptile Web full of the information you learned. For a bonus ticket, comment below which reptile has the most powerful bite in the animal kingdom. In Mrs. Day’s writing group you reviewed the 3 main parts of a paragraph. You also practiced identifying compound sentences with Miss Malorie and Miss Gurley.

After Reading Prime Time and Daily 5, we began a new read-aloud chapter book titled, Because of Winn-Dixie. Our lemonade stand advertisers continued working on posters; don’t forget, our lemonade stand is this Wednesday!

During social studies, we practiced using our map skills with a Map at the Zoo. Together with your cohorts, you used the map key and compass rose to answer questions about how to get places at the zoo.

For today’s math rotations, you met with your teachers for a lesson on solving word problems involving metric weights. You also worked on your menu or went to prime time. Everyone also had Dreambox time.

We loved how you showed school spirit by wearing your PJs! Tomorrow’s theme is HAPPY HOLIDAYS, so wear your favorite holiday attire! See you tomorrow!

PS: Your teachers were SO impressed with how well you followed Rule For Life #5 (Transitions will be swift, quiet, and orderly) Keep this up and we will have a BINGO in no time!

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