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PJ Day!

Hey hey 3rd grade! What a beautiful Wednesday! We began our morning with an A-Z activity. For this activity, one student started by saying a word that begins with the letter A. The next person named a word that begins with B, and so on. We made it all the way through the alphabet and then some!

Before morning meeting was over, we had to have a little sit down chat and discuss some unwanted behaviors that your teachers have been seeing. We know that you are all excited for the nice weather and Spring Break, BUT we still have learning to do and you guys can't be acting crazy. So, for now you will be staying at your desk during Miss Gurley's rotation and you will only work with your cohort during technology time. After our discussion, we were able to get outside for a super fast recess.

After recess, we began our daily rotations. In math with Mrs. Meridith we reviewed the function of parentheses and practiced using parentheses to make correct equations. During Miss Gurley's group you worked on finding facts about the planet you chose to research for your planet report. Remember, you have until next week to finish this report, so please do a nice job and don't rush through it! In writing with Mrs. Day, you discussed adjectives. An adjective is a word used to describe a noun. For example a watermelon is juicy, yummy, crunchy, and sweet. Comment below 3 adjectives to describe Miss Gurley for an extra dollar :)

There was no Prime Time today, so you lucky ducks got ANOTHER extra recess! How fun! After recess, you returned to the classroom to continue celebrating Read Across America week by watching and listening to Dr. Seuss's, The Sleep Book.

For science we met with Mystery Doug again to continue working on your secret locks. You tried out different types of locks, such as a turning lock or a sliding lock, to see what worked best. If you did not finish your lock today, don't worry, you will have more time to work on it again tomorrow!

After finishing your rotations and cleaning up for the day, we were able to go outside for yet ANOTHER extra recess!

Enjoy the beautiful weather this evening. We will see you for another fun-filled day tomorrow!

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