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Pink or Blue?

What a Terrific Tuesday in 3rd grade! During morning meeting we found out Miss Malorie is having a baby boy! So exciting! We also spent some time this morning creating Gratitude Cards.

You had to think about someone you are grateful for and create them a card and it had to be someone outside of 3rd grade. Next, we began our reading rotations!

You completed a daily fix-it sentence and discussed verb tenses with Mrs. Day, read chapter 2 in your little readers with Mrs. Meridith, and learned your new spelling pattern. Then it was time for our read-aloud!

Today’s reading was about the legend of Romulus and Remus. Remember, a legend is a story about a person or an event from the past that is believed by many people to be true, but that cannot be proven to be absolutely true. Some events and people in legend may also be greatly exaggerated. What parts of the story of Romulus and Remus make it a legend?

For Mystery Science, we learned about storm clouds and started to make a storm spotter's guide. We will actually fill out these guides during tomorrow’s lesson, so make sure they are in a safe spot!

Math's lesson was all about 0s and 1s today. We learned some very specific rules about these numbers. For our 1s, we know that any number multiplied by 1 equals that number. You could write the equations in the fact family this way:

1 x n = n

n x 1 = n

n ÷ 1 = n

n ÷ n = 1

Our zeros facts are a little bit different. We know that any number times zero is zero. But when it comes to division, we learned that you can take 0 divided by any number, but you CANNOT take a number divided by zero. Do you remember why? What happens when you do that on a calculator?

Have a great evening, we will see you tomorrow!

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