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Pilgrims, Producers & Consumers, Module 3 Review

Happy wacky, wet and windy Wednesday 3rd graders! At morning meeting we did a compliment greeting, shared our favorite foods, and completed our coin of the day: a dime!

Then we began our reading rotations. You read chapter 10 about the Pilgrims’ terrible voyage to Plymouth with Mrs. Meridith, reviewed prefixes with Miss Bridget, and practiced for your spelling test with Miss Gurley.

We ended our rotations with our daily read-aloud. Today we traveled to another region– New England– and therefore we traveled back in time to an earlier settlement date, in the year 1620. For a bonus ticket, tell us what the Mayflower Compact was and why it was important to the pilgrims.

After indoor recess and lunch, we reviewed yesterday’s lesson about goods and services. Next, you learned two new vocabulary words: producer and consumer. A producer is a person who makes and sells a good or provides a service. A consumer is a person who buys a product or service.

In math, we all worked on our menus or practiced fact fluency. Then, we reviewed Math Module 3 all about multiplication and division, word problems and patterns. We ended the day with Dreambox and packed up.

Have a great night, see you all tomorrow!

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