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Personal Narratives, Starbucks Spending, & Panhandle Credit Union

Happy Tuesday 3rd graders! We began our day with a morning meeting where we greeted each other by singing “Brown Bear Brown Bear,” shared who we would like to trade places with for a day and discussed today’s schedule and announcements.

During reading rotations you put the finishing touches on your personal narratives, played sight word spelling games, and completed context clues and main idea evidence for your report cards.

We ended our morning with Reading Prime Time/Daily 5 and our CAFE groups.

When you returned from recess and lunch, we continued our economics lesson about being money smart. First, we completed a Starbucks spending activity. We realized that even though spending a little bit of money on a treat every week doesn’t seem like a big deal, it adds up quickly!

Paxton had the closest guess to the correct amount of money in the coin counter!

After specials, we headed to Panhandle Credit Union. Once we got there you learned about opening a Kirby Kids Savings Account, watched the coin counter, looked at the money vault and saw how the drive thru operates. For a bonus ticket, comment below the difference between a credit union and a bank.

On our way back to school we enjoyed popsicles thanks to Cass and Maz’s mom! It was a hot trek, but we all made it back, took a few minutes to cool off then we packed up and went home.

It was a terrific Tuesday! See you all tomorrow!

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