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Personal Narratives, Money Smart, & Module 5 Review

Hello! Welcome back to another wonderful week in 3rd grade! During morning meeting we greeted each other with, “What’s the News?” shared what it means to trust someone and played silent squeeze. We also spent a little time talking about our walking field trip to Panhandle Bank tomorrow. Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes!

For today’s reading rotations, you typed 3rd grade sight word sentences for spelling practice, added quotation marks to your reading notebooks, and completed some comprehension evidence for your report cards.

Next, we went to CAFE time. The Thunder read through their reader’s theater with Miss Gurley, the Green Goblins read more Mo Willems with Mrs. Day, Mrs. Meridith’s Bologna Blondes added to their Vocabulary Dictionaries and the Pink Lightning did some RAZ Kids time.

After recess and lunch, we learned some more about economics and what it means to be money smart. For a bonus ticket, answer this question below:

Mrs. Meridith wants to buy $20 worth of V-Bucks. She has $18 in her wallet. Should she spend her money or save?

In math we did a giant Module 5 math review about fractions and number lines. Then, we all played money games. We ended the day with Dreambox and packed up.

Have a nice night! See you all tomorrow!

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