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P-L-A-Y .... Yay!

We started our Morning Meeting with a challenge today. Mrs. Day challenged the whole class to nail our transitions between rotations today. Normally it took several reminders and reviews of our CHAMPS expectations. So Mrs. Day said every time we transition perfectly without any reminders from the teachers, she would add a letter to the board. If we spelled out the word PLAY by the end of the day, we would get our afternoon recess. Great news...WE DID IT!

In today's read aloud, we learned that Toad Hall had been overtaken by weasels, ferrets, and stoats! They were guarding the house and not too kind to Toad when he tried to return. We hope Toad has learned how to humble himself and appreciate his friends, who have shown him nothing but kindness, patience, and loyalty. Will they be able to save Toad Hall tomorrow? We will find out!

We read about Alice in Wonderland again in Miss Malorie's group, practiced main idea and detail with Miss Bridget, and began typing our opinion paragraphs with Mrs. Day. After a couple rounds of reading PRIME TIME, it was time for recess and lunch!

We came back from lunch ready for social studies and learned about the compass. It has 4 cardinal directions and 4 intermediate directions. Can you name ONE of the intermediate directions for an extra ticket? We wanted to try a compass walk on the playground, but had some technology issues. We will try this activity again tomorrow!

In math, we had menu time and Prime Time, a whole group lesson about division with tape diagrams, and Reflex time on the computers. We only have TOMORROW left to complete your menus. Otherwise, they go home for homework.

We had a super day with transitions and learning and focus. I hope we can make it one more day doing those things, and then we can enjoy the weekend! See you tomorrow for a FANTASTIC Friday!

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