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Our Solar System, Friction, & Generating Data

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Hello 3rd graders! We had a weird start to our morning because the power was out! But, we did not let that stop us from getting our work done!

For today’s reading lessons, you read chapter 2 in your little readers, which was all about the moon. We discussed different phases of the moon, which will be helpful with your new moon journals you will be taking home! We watched a video about our solar system and you listened for more information about our solar system during a read aloud. Besides the sun, what kinds of objects can be found in the solar system? Leave a comment with correct answers for some bonus tickets!

After lunch, we had a mystery science lesson about friction. Friction is the force that causes us to slow down on a slide, so you had to think about how you could go faster down a slide. You came up with some great ideas, we will continue this lesson tomorrow.

We started a new math module all about collecting and displaying data. For our first lesson, we surveyed each student to find out their favorite color and decided we could keep track of our data in an organized way by recording it on a tally chart. Once we collected our data, we made a picture graph to display our findings.

Have a nice night, see you tomorrow!

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