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Northeast Woodlands, Pipelines, & Square Tiles

Welcome to our wacky and windy Wednesday! Wednesday schedules are always a little bit different, but today was even more wacky because there was no Prime Time and we switched Exploration Place times with 4th grade because of their state testing. However, we didn’t let that stop us from taking care of business and getting our learning done!

We started today’s lessons off with a read-aloud about the Native Americans of the Northeast. This area was abundant with leafy woodlands and deep, dark forests and the rain fell frequently. We learned that Eastern Woodland Indians lived in wigwams and longhouses. They worshiped the Great Spirit and lived in harmony with the land and all living creatures.

For reading rotations, you read chapter 5 in your little readers, Meda and Flo, The Forest Children. Their families came back to the maple tree forest every spring to collect sap from the maple trees and turn it into sweet syrup. For a bonus ticket, describe how the sap was collected. You also practiced coding your spelling words and continued working on plural possessive nouns.

Miss Erica was here from Exploration Place for a lesson about pipelines. After watching a video of the Alaskan pipeline, you built your own pipelines with a partner. You were given 5 straws, 3 notecards, and a metal marble. You were all successful engineers! We saved your pipelines to continue this lesson next week.

During Social Studies we added the Arctic region to our Native American booklets. The arctic was extremely cold and the natural resources were scarce, but these people used animal hides for warm and waterproof clothing, and snow and ice to build homes called igloos.

In today’s math lesson we used square tiles to build rectangles with a given area. After building the rectangle, you were then able to find the perimeter. Remember, the area is the space inside of the shape and we multiply side lengths to find the area. The area is the boundary of the shape and we add all sides together to find the perimeter.

Have a nice night, see you tomorrow!

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