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Native Americans: Regions and Cultures, Field Trip Announcement, & Perimeter

Welcome to another fabulous week in 3rd grade!

We began a new reading unit - Native Americans: Regions and Cultures. Before the read aloud, you thought about what you already know about Native Americans and typed your responses on Answer Garden. You knew quite a bit about Native Americans already, but there were a few misconceptions. Not to worry though, we will straighten out these misunderstandings and learn new information during this unit.

During the read aloud, you identified the cause and effect relationship related to the change from nomadic Native Americans to Native Americans who settled in one place. For a bonus ticket, comment below what the word nomadic means.

Then we moved on to reading Chapter 1 in your Little Readers. Most of the chapters in this little reader are told from a child's point of view. Today's chapter was titled, "Etu, the Hunter" and is a work of historical fiction. Historical fiction has two important features: the stories and characters are made up, but the times and places are real. The real place in this chapter is the region of North America called the Northwest. The real time is the Ice Age.

Once we finished reading the chapter, your teachers had a special announcement - This Friday we are going on a field trip to Mid America All Indian Center! It will be fun to learn more about Native Americans and their customs and traditions!

We finished our morning with a couple rounds of Reading Prime Time, Daily 5 and a new week of CAFE activities.

After recess and lunch, we continued learning about Native Americans by starting a Native American Tribe booklet. Today we focused on the Northeast Region - Eastern Woodlands tribe. We will continue learning about different tribes and regions all week!

For your math lesson, you measured the side lengths of different polygons to determine the shape's perimeter. The perimeter is like the "boundary" of the shape. You add all of the side lengths together to find the perimeter. You guys did a great job at this!

At the end of the day we announced that we will have our class football game tomorrow afternoon! We also celebrated Keaton’s birthday with delicious cookies and a song. Happy birthday Keaton!

It was a great start to the week, have a nice evening and we will see you tomorrow!

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