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Mrs. Meridith is OLD

Happy Tuesday 3rd graders! We began our day with a morning meeting and then got to business because we had lots to do today!

We started off with our reading rotations today. In today’s rotations, you read all about fish in Chapter 5 of your Little Readers and went on a text feature scavenger hunt with Mrs. Meridith. In Mrs. Day’s writing group you wrote your own examples of supporting details. You met with Miss Malorie and Miss Gurley to practice your spelling words and spelling pattern. Don’t forget you have a spelling test this Friday!

Next we began our Animal Classification Read-Aloud. During the reading, you paused to add information that we learned about fish to a graphic organizer. Some of the characteristics of fish you added included: Vertebrate, Cold-Blooded, Lay Eggs, Live in Freshwater and/or Saltwater, Scales, Gills, and Fins. We ended the reading with some riddles of sea creatures. You listened to clues and had to decide if the creature was a fish or not a fish.

After Reading Prime Time and Daily 5 we discussed our 3rd Grade Lemonade Stand. Tomorrow you will sign up for committees and the plan is to have our lemonade stand next Wednesday!

In Social Studies, we continued discussing location. We went out to the playground and determined the absolute and relative location of certain playground equipment. Remember absolute location is a place’s exact location on earth, while relative location is a description of how a place is related to another place. For example, Mrs. Meridith’s desk is next to the window.

In math, you worked on a mixed multiplication and division review during menu or prime time. Your teachers gave you a lesson about counting by fives and ones on the number line as a strategy to tell time to the nearest minute on the clock. You also had technology time on Reflex.

It was a terrific Tuesday! See you all tomorrow!

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